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Facebook pagereport 1H2017

Now you can analyze the performance of your Facebook page in the first half of 2017.
SoMeStatus will analyze all your posts from the period and create a summary for you.
You will also have the option to buy a report which compares your resultas to other similar pages.

Tip: If the analysis does not start, try running the regular analysis first, the come back to do the 2017-analysis. Click here to run the regular analysis.

Here are a few key numbers for your Facebookpage in the first half of 2017.

A more detailed report is also available. This report includes:

  • Your pages performance throughout the year.
  • Your pages performance compared to the average of other pages.
  • Your pages performance compared to other relevant pages.
  • Detailed analysis of post types.
  • Detailed analysis of link- and videoposts.
  • Detailed analysis of post engagement.

For more information on the detailed report, fill out your email/phone and we will contact you.

To analyze your Facebookpage, you need to allow SoMe Status to access your page insights.
Click the blue button and confirm by clicking OK in the window(s).

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Post types

  Posts Likes Comments Organic Viral

Your top reaching posts in 1H 2017

The posts with best total reach. Does not include posts you have paid to promote.

Analyzing posts...

Your top organic posts in 1H 2017

The posts with best organic reach. High organic reach indicates that your audience finds your content valuable.

Analyzing posts...