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Organic reach on Facebook is increasing

A study of Norwegian Facebook posts show that organic reach increased in the first 6 months of 2018. Viral reach decreased in the period, but a sharp increase in non-viral reach more than offset the decline.

Facebook pages faced a steep decline in viral reach towards the end of last year. The decline came before Facebook announced changes that they said would lead to reduced reach for posts form pages. After the announcement the decline was reversed.

Non-viral reach has increased more than viral reach has decreased.

Viral reach has followed a similar path, but the decline was sharper and started earlier. Between July and December 2017, the average viral reach for Norwegian Facebook posts fell from 40% to 19%. The viral reach has continued to decline in 2018, but at a slower pace. In June 2018 the viral reach was 14%.

The total organic reach has increased in 2018.

The study confirms that it is very realistic for Facebook pages to reach their followers without having to pay for promoting posts.

The study is based on analysis of 279 500 Facebook posts from more than 3000 Norwegian pages, posted from January to June in 2018. The posts are analysed with, a free analytics tool for Facebook pages.

You can analyze your page’s non-viral and viral reach with