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How effective are your Facebook posts?

Nearly two thirds of all Facebook posts are linking to a web page, aiming to drive traffic to the page. The effectiveness of these posts should be on the top of your list of measurements. We have now upgraded the analysis of posts with links on, making it easier for you to se how the effectiveness of your posts evolves over time.

The effectiveness of your Facebook-posts with links is dependant of two things: The reach and the click rate. The reach measures how many people see your posts, and the click rate measures how many of them clicks on the link and visits your web page.


The linkindex graph in shows you how efficient your posts with links are.

Link posts typically have higher click rate, but lower reach. Photo- and video posts typically have higher reach, but lower click rate. To determine which posts are most effective, also measures the linkindex. Linkindex takes both the reach and the click rate into consideration to measure which posts are most effective.

Linkindex is created in a way that makes the effect of posts with links comparable across different Facebook pages. You can compare the effectiveness of your posts with links to posts on other pages, or the average of other pages in your industry.

Measuring link effectiveness in

The link analysis in has the tools you need to optimize your posts with links.

To make it easier for you to keep track of how effective your posts with links are, we have introduced several new functions in In addition to measuring the average click rate and linkindex for the posts in the current analysis, two new graphs show how the click rate and linkindex has evolved over time.

The click rate and linkindex graphs shows both the average for all posts with links, and the average for each of the posts types with links. This allows you to se if the trend is positive or negative, and helps you to choose the right post types for driving the maximum amount of traffic to you web site.

In addition, you also have lists of the posts that have generated most traffic and the posts with the highest click rate.

The click rate and linkindex graphs are SoMeStatus Plus functions. To try them, use the link below. It will give you free access to SoMeStatus Plus for 2 weeks.

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